Examples: low back pain,  low potassium levels,  diet food... 905. 866 medical & health answers undescended testes answers (81) «previous page 4 from 9 next > q:  why does my husband blame me for our son''s syndrome? A: it is important to get the test done, especially if you plan on having more children. effects on viagra with young men If your hubby doesn''t want you to get it done, or his family doesn''t, then they are probably hiding something. prescription free viagra london I suggest family counseling, as it sounds like there is a blame game and mis-communication going on. Good luck! Let it go as long as he stops blaming you. That would mean he found out it was him and he probably feels guilty so drop it. However if he continues to blame you he leaves you no choice but to have the test. If he has the gene just tell him that you don''t blame him. He''s probably not trying to be an ***. But if you do have the gene and he continues to be an *** and blame you then you should definitely see a marriage counselor. Your husband is projecting. viagra no prescription Projection is when a... Add your question   ·  add your comment   ·  answer to this question    q:  what to do if you only have 1 testicle? viagra canada A: many guys with only 1 testicle are fertile (lance armstrong for example). effects on viagra with young men One testicle is all that is needed for sperm production just like only one ovary is needed to produce eggs. We were lucky to be given a spare. effects on viagra with young men The way to know if you are able to reproduce is to have his sperm count done. His family doctor or an urologist could help determine if he is producing viable (living) sperm. lowest viagra price online The test would be the same as those who have had vasectomies and want to be sure they are sterile. A seman specimen would be examined for motile (moving) sperm. buy generic viagra Also he should have  male infertility testing... More on male infertility factors, sperm issues, problems, testing and testicles information...... Add your question   ·  add your comment   ·  answer to this question    q:  are there lots of men that have 1 testicle? A: yep. 1 is all you need, be it for normal sexual health or even fathering children. People can be born without them, lose them in accidents, have vascular problems that affect them, or get testicular cancer. It''s just not the sort of thing that people walk around and talk about in their spare time the way they do with some other health problems. buy viagra I don''t know the numbers, but a quick search on the internet could easily get you occurrence rates of undescended testes and other problems, and how often they lead to the loss of a testicle. You''ll be fine. Losing an arm or suffering other organ damage is much, much worse. buy viagra canada You should be able to have kids. I would guess there''s not a big percent of men who have only one, but there are definitely... Add your question   ·  add your comment   ·  answer to this question    q:  grape-sized non-painf. effects viagra men women viagra samples

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