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Gas prices

Just another datapoint: We filled up the behemoth on 8/29 at $2.49 a gallon. The station we hit is usually 2-5 cents a gallon higher than the cheaper places.

Today around 7 pm it was $2.74/gallon for regular.

Edit: 09/03/2005 – just for fun, I'm going to keep track of gas prices for a while. One, it'll help my short attention span; two, it might be interesting; three, oooh shiny! Wait, where was I?

Prices are for low grade, at my corner Conoco station

08/29/2005 – am – $2.49
08/31/2005 – pm – $2.74
09/01/2005 – pm – $2.82
09/02/2005 – am – $2.82
09/02/2005 – pm – $2.88 (first time high grade was over $3, at $3.09)

You're fucking kidding me.

Read the caption on this picture. Then read the caption on this one.

Now the punchline. Read the caption here.

I have no words.

FUCK the media. Fuck ’em hard. With spikes.

I’ve mostly stopped sputtering. It’s the same thing as how “kidnapped” blond blue-eyed children get buttloads of media attention when the perfectly cute hispanic child does not.

I pdf’d the picture/captions in case they go away.

No content

Testing… nothing to see here.

I once had a really great sig, but it got trunca

On my drive to work this morning:

Dear Moron,

It's bad enough that people drive while yakking on the phone, but when you've got the phone clutched in one hand and are gesturing wildly with the other, I have to ask: Who's driving?

Confused and scared,

the person staying far away from you

A shout of thanks goes out to for linking to Pandora – wow, this is great!

In work news, today I was testing again on a Chinese win2k install. Adds a nice surreal touch to my day.

Tonight, gotta pick up some cat food for Mai-Lyn, and then dinner at Red Robin – yum!

That's all.

I have wasted time, and now time doth waste me.

All bad precedents began as justifiable measures. — Gaius Julius Caesar

This was the week for the fantastic book acquisitions. The book I won on ebay came in – a first edition Heinlein. The book was great (Friday, one of my favorites) but what came with it is what made my day: Heinlein's signature, on top of a piece of Bonny Doon letterhead.

Then, pointed me to a post in where some one was selling a complete set of Harry Potter books – the British version. Hoo! We met the guy on Saturday, and before too long I'll get to read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, as it should have been.

I'm giddy, I tell you!

Not much else going on around here – work's been busy; fun, but busy. It's almost time for the first real maintenance on the Xterra. Linucon is coming up fast, as is the Austin Celtic festival.

Oh yah! I had a bit of a freak out on Sunday night. We'd taken out the garbage as usual, when I discovered I had missed the downstairs bathroom trash. No big, I took it out the front door and dropped it in the garbage can. As I walked back to the door, I noticed something on the bottom doorjamb. Now, I'm probably 10 or 15 feet away. I am also wearing sweats and I'm barefoot. This thing on the doorjamb looked rather large from that distance, and I was afraid that it was a gecko that I might have accidentally shut in the door. As I got closer, I saw it wiggle. Closer still and ohmygodthat'snotageckoit'saspider ohmygod HUGE SPIDER. This thing was big. And kinda hairy. And ohgodthelegs were long. GAH.

So I freeze. I'm not going near that thing. I have a bug phobia to begin with, and spiders are way high on the list of Bugs I Do Not Like No Sir!

Now what do I do? I'm barefoot. If I go near the door that spider will jump on me and eat me alive. My mind scatters around thinking up plans – toss rocks at the window where I think Rob is… no, no rocks and you'll scratch the car when they bounce off. A stick!! I need a stick to hit the window!! ! No, no sticks near by, and it's too high anyway. I'm not going to yell, it's after 11.

So, I hit the doorbell. I ring it at least a dozen times. The cats are probably freaking out, and Rob doesn't even know I left the house. So I hear him say “Is that you?” – I say yes, but he probably can't hear me, and I'm not going to yell. So I hit the doorbell a few more times for good measure. Remember, that obscenely large spider is still keeping me at bay. So Rob opens the door and I quickly shout “lookouthere'saspiderdon'tletitinkillitkillit!!!” He sees the spider and says something like “GHAAAAAHHHH!” and shuts the door. He, of course, is not only barefoot, but naked as well.

I hit the doorbell a few more times just for fun.

Finally, he gets to the door with a paper towel and takes care of the invader. I swear that thing was at least as big as my hand.

Did I mention I hate bugs?

All the cool kids are doing it…

Very Well-Rounded

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Discworld memeage

Captain Carrot
Well done for sitting through the whole test! You scored 64%!

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Sometimes it gets a little surreal around here

I didn't get yesterday's Dilbert cartoon, so I asked Rob about it.

This led to an argument discussion about Xeno's paradoxes.

I dunno. But as far as the arrow paradox is concerned, all I have to say is “E pur si muove!”

Math hurtz my brane.


“A little government and a little luck are necessary in life, but only a fool trusts either of them.”

Confession time

First, I'm a sucker for serial books. Wheel of Time by Robert Fucking Jordan, Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind, Rowling's Harry Potter, Robert Asprin, Piers Anthony, Grafton's Alphabet series, The Cat Who books, John Sandford's Prey books, etc, etc. If you hand me a big fat book that says “Book 1” I will curse you, I will cry, then I will ravenously fall on the book.

Second, I'm a Stephen King fan. Love his stuff. I've got a whole shelf or two of Stephen King books.

And yet, I've never read King's Dark Tower series.

Can you believe it? It's incomprehensible.

So as soon as I'm finished with my serial killer book, I'm starting The Gunslinger.

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