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Gas prices

Just another datapoint: We filled up the behemoth on 8/29 at $2.49 a gallon. The station we hit is usually 2-5 cents a gallon higher than the cheaper places.

Today around 7 pm it was $2.74/gallon for regular.

Edit: 09/03/2005 – just for fun, I'm going to keep track of gas prices for a while. One, it'll help my short attention span; two, it might be interesting; three, oooh shiny! Wait, where was I?

Prices are for low grade, at my corner Conoco station

08/29/2005 – am – $2.49
08/31/2005 – pm – $2.74
09/01/2005 – pm – $2.82
09/02/2005 – am – $2.82
09/02/2005 – pm – $2.88 (first time high grade was over $3, at $3.09)


You're fucking kidding me.


There's a bad moon on the rise


  1. I am already starting to complain about gas prices. I moved closer to work to alleviate the cost, but now, it is getting close to what it cost me to travel from South Fort Worth to Richardson every day.
    My company states that it does not support telecommuting, but they need to change that policy or start paying more for the employees to come into work.
    In 2000, when I bought my Beetle, it only cost between $13-$15 to fill up my car. Now, it has hit the all time high of $36. I will say this, I will drive my car until it hits damn near empty before filling up again.

  2. $2.85 here and hasn’t gone up yet, so we filled the tank, along with everyone else in town anticipating a price hike. I basically don’t drive.

  3. Welcome to our world [grin]
    Converted, you guys are paying .58/liter. Last year, we were paying 1.54/liter, we’re now paying 1.83/liter.
    That’s why economy cars sell really really well here! [grin].

    • Re: Welcome to our world [grin]
      Yeah, yeah, yeah – you weirdos that buy gas by the liter… ;)
      And we just bought an SUV! Heh – I’m not complaining to tell the truth. The reasons we bought it are just as valid now as then. Thing is, I know it’s a truck – it drives like a truck, and drinks gas like a truck.
      I really would love to have an economy car – maybe even a hybrid. But… we had two cars smooshed this past year. Little cars are downright scary on the roads around here. People drive like they’re indestructible and in their own little world – no one else matters. It’s insane.
      Wish we lived closer to work though. Of course, we did – the company moved. Heh.

      • Anonymous

        Re: Welcome to our world [grin]
        Ah, but you see, economy cars here are not small. You can get a Beemer estate with all the gubbins (big heavy car) and it still has an economy engine in it! We used to drive a Ford Mondeo Ghia Estate, 1.8 liter engine, turbo diesel. Very economic on the petrol usage though.
        Still, get used to the high prices. That’s what they did to us in the ’70’s, get an oil shortage, hike prices and never bring them down again. About 75% of our petrol prices are in taxes.

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