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Still annoyed

Too little, too late, too clueless.

My choices are:

  • Stay at LJ through laziness and fear of losing what readership and/or community I have there.
  • Move to GreatestJournal (I’m jenbooks there, of course) – it has more word of mouth right now, but a clunky version of LJ
  • Move to InsaneJournal (I’m jenbooks there, too) – it’s got a newer version of the LJ software, but it’s not known very well.
  • Move to MySpace HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – no.
  • Actually use my very own wordpress blog – see first point of laziness and readership.
  • Some combination of the above

The funny thing is, yesterday was my sixth anniversary on LiveJournal. :)

Thought Police

Because bronxelf_ag001 is far more eloquent than I:

Writing about a thing (especially writing about a fictional account of a thing, using fictional people, in fictional situations) is not a crime. It is NOT THE EQUIVALENT OF ONE, either. Writing about incest Harry Potter fic where all the Weasleys are having mad naked donkey sex with a hoover and a bag of Mrs. Botts Everyflavour Beans *doesn’t make you a pedophile*. It makes you a very silly person, but it doesn’t make you a pedophile. I don’t give a rat’s ass HOW sick you think it is. If you think that one equates to the other you’re letting your own prejudices get in the way of logical thought at best and you’re an idiot at worst. It’s not a cause for deletion of a journal under LJ’s own TOS and goodness knows if you *really* wanted a reason to go after the fanficcers you could have done so AT ANY POINT citing copyright violations.

I got a GreatestJournal a while back – I’m jenbooks there too. Not sure exactly what I’m going to do, but I am getting more and more cheesed off with SixApart.



Also keep in mind that removing the very words from our language does not make the act go away. It just puts us back to a time when it was taboo to discuss these things, and folk will go back to not reporting the crime, but suffering in silence instead. Better that the actual perpetrators be properly hunted out by law enforcement and arrested than the problem merely swept away as if it doesn’t exist.hakeber

You Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd

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But you can rollerskate in my garage now! If I had rollerskates, of course. Here’s an “after” picture:

And, we're done!

Half of that stuff on the left is for the theoretical garage sale we’ll have after we get through at least some of the junk room. Hopefully.

More pictures on how we spent a four-day Memorial day weekend after the cut!

That doesn’t look good.

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I mean, I know we haven’t been able to actually get to the water heater in… well, let’s just say far too long and leave it at that, ok?

But I’m not really liking the look of the bottom of the water heater at all. Gas heating/cooking makes me nervous, though it’s certainly cheaper, and better for cooking too. Still… <shudder>

Need to replace that asap. Hmm. Should we get a tankless? And maybe put a water softener/filter in as well.

Twitter Updates for 2007-05-24

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links for 2007-05-18

  • Detectives said Mauldin later confessed to putting his daughter in the microwave and said he was frustrated by the demands of caring for her. He said he wanted to get rid of the stress of caring for her.

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Guilt. Mothers. Daughters

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I wrote this about my mom a few years ago. I was thinking about it today, and felt the need to post it here.

My mom was born in 1931 in Kansas City, MO. Her father molested her from when she was about 12 till she was about 16. Her mother didn’t believe her when she told about the incest. She had kept quiet about it to protect her younger sister — it didn’t work. Finally, her father was sent to jail for the incest, and her mother blamed her for it. She married young — 17 I believe — mainly to get away from home.

In 1950, she had Jimmy, in 1952 she had Michelle. In the meantime, she had told her husband about the incest with her father. When things got rocky in her marriage [Her husband hit her once, she decked him and told him if he did it again she’d kill him — that’s my mom! :) ] he suggested that she visit her family in Denver for a while to “cool off.” When she came back (about two weeks later) he had changed the locks and had filed for divorce on the grounds of abandonment.

Hot. AC is br0ked. It’s 85 ups…

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Hot. AC is br0ked. It’s 85 upstairs. Also, I bit the inside of my cheek last night and it *hurts*!

links for 2007-05-09

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This is only a test. Please d…

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This is only a test. Please do not panic. If this works, I am content. If this doesn’t work, I am not at all surprised.

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