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So at almost 7 years in this house, we’ve finally got a garage door opener installed. It’s amazing – you push a button, and the garage door goes up! Push it again, and it goes down! No more getting out in the rain making Rob get out in the rain, no more having to go in through the house to open it because I never could get the bloody key to work properly – at least without struggling for a minimum of five minutes.

Doesn’t take much to make me happy. :)

And in more important home improvement news, we’ve replaced the scary burned looking water heater (see this post) with a new shiny one. We didn’t get a tankless because it was going to take quite a lot of retro-fitting and more money than we wanted to spend, especially since we have never run out of hot water, even if we both take showers. And as far as simultaneous showers and dishwashing, well, that’s just wrong. <grin> I doubt there’d be pressure enough for that to begin with.

Next up, fence and roof estimates. Yay.