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I do not understand the weirdness of my network connection. We’ve got two networks; the main one uses a linksys wireless router, hands out ip addresses, and is connected to the cable modem. It uses WPA encryption. The other uses a motorola wireless router, uses WEP encryption (gots to let the DS go online, you know!) and is connected to the linksys. This works perfectly! Computers plugged directly into either router have all the ‘net they want. Both DS handhelds connect fine, although I can’t be very far away from the router. This is odd, but I live with it for now. Both wireless laptops connect fine to either network from most areas in the house. No problem at all.

If I disable my wireless connection on my powerbook and connect directly to either router I can’t connect to the iTunes store OR Apple software update. All I get is a message saying there’s a network problem, and to run Network Diagnostics. I do that, and diagnostics says “Hey, your network connection is just fine! Have a great day!!” Connected wirelessly, I can get to the iTunes store and update the computer with no problems.

I’m baffled. I’m assuming that the router is blocking some sort of traffic between us and Apple, but I can’t imagine what, or why it would work when I’m connected to the same bloody network using wireless. I don’t know if Rob has the same problem on his powerbook.