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Please to be excusing the following burst of profanity:

Fuck you HOA, and your compulsory display of false patriotism with your fucking Made in China plastic “American” flags. Just, fuck you. Not in MY front yard, you don’t.






  1. Im sorry. Did you just say mandatory?

    • Well… not really. But they fucking well put their crap plastic flag in MY yard that I did NOT ask for. I stomped out there and yanked it out, of course.
      I’m overreacting just a tad… but it does annoy the crap out of me.
      Almost as much as the Christmas display at the front of the neighborhood. Are the HOA members doing that ’cause they like it (possibly) or did my mandatory yearly dues pay for that.

  2. Next time, don’t hold back. Tell us what you REALLY think. ;-)

  3. We had to walk away from a wonderful house on a great piece of property outside of town a ways down by Dripping Springs because if it’s HOA and the incredibly ridiculous list of rules, regulations, and strong suggestions one had to follow to live there. After running into a few properties during our house search with what I would describe as power-mad HOA policies, we finally told the real estate agent that we didn’t want to see anything that had an HOA or was in danger of forming one in the future. Thus we ended up living in our mostly inner-city hovel. My crazy neighbors may tell me they want me to do something, but at least I don’t have to listen to them.
    I shudder to think what my reaction would be to finding a plastic American flag sticking in my front yard. I’m pretty sure the neighbors would discover a new definition of crazy as I lost my mind.

    • We have a compromise. We’re in an HOA, but they really don’t have much say about what actually happens on properties because most areas are fenced and set so far back from the road that no one can see what’s going on without first trespassing.
      They mostly just mow by the side of the road and have an Architectural Committee to approve new homes (which is actually quite illegal, but no one’s challenged it so it stands.)

      • We looked at this one plot of land once, thinking about building our own house. The agent handed us a ten page list of “rules” which covered just about everything except perhaps what times we were allowed to use our bathroom. Well, it might have even said something about that, but we only read the first 5 pages. By the time we got to the list of approved plants and flowers for our yard, we were laughing. Then we read the one about how all pickup trucks had to be kept in garages at all times and not parked in driveways. We just stopped reading. I mean, this was a subdivision so far out of the city and in such an undeveloped area it didn’t have cable TV or a decent road going to it, and they had problems with people owning pickup trucks (in Texas? Ha!).
        It had an Architectural Committee too, with it’s own list of Things You Must or Cannot Do … like your house had to be 40% brick and 60% aluminum siding, and you couldn’t build privacy fencing anywhere on your hard. It was pretty crazy. We went back and drove through last year just to see if anyone else had built out there, and there were still only the same 6 houses that had been there five years ago. I can’t imagine why! :D

  4. Around here, it’s the real estate agents who spam the tree lawns with the flags. One agent does it before every Memorial Day; another does it right about now every year.
    And, of course, they leave hang-cards or other notices letting us know who has done this for us. It’s not patriotism, it’s brand awareness!

  5. Oh yay. The HOA.
    I soon will be feeling your pain. :(

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