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Thwarted Plans

sqlrob‘s birthday is this week and, of course, Giftmas is coming up fast so on a whim I searched ebay for a book he’s been looking for – an out of print (at the moment) Red Iron Nights. Found it, autographed even, so I bought it.

Guess who saw the page before I could click away?


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The things I carry


Gnawing fingernails


  1. Man – that is a bitch. LOL It is funny, but at the same time frustrating.

  2. “For your birthday, I’m going to let you have it, even if you saw something you weren’t supposed to!”

  3. I’ve given up on surprises for DH. No matter how much work, effort, cunning, and planning I put into it, it’s always ruined. It always has been.
    Doesn’t make it any easier to deal with, of course. Ergo, empathy.

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