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Animal Crossing: City Folk

Today was the release date for Animal Crossing: City Folk for Nintendo Wii. Naturally I went out and snagged it as soon as possible! It’s pretty much the same as AC:WW, which was pretty much the same as AC gamecube. If you weren’t obsessed with Wild World, I don’t know that City Folk will interest you much. There’s the same visiting towns that WW had, though I have not yet done that yet. You can send mail to other people’s towns without actually having to be in that town at the time, which is nice. You can also send mail through the wii messaging deal as well.

The City is kinda neat! GracieGrace has whoababy expensive stuff – and I could NOT resist the elegant hat which was a beautiful purple…. elegant hat. It was also 6400 bells, which probably should have gone to the Mob my mortgage with Tom Nook. Pooh, I say. I had to have that hat.

Also on display at GracieGrace was the Gorgeous furniture set. It was indeed gorgeous. The bed alone was 300,000 bells, so I’m guessing I’ll have to wait a while for that. ;) I’m also guessing that stock rotates there.

There’s new fish, and I’m guessing new bugs – fall and winter aren’t the best time for bugs. The displays at the museum are really beautiful. Can’t wait to get some paintings to see how the art hall looks. Holidays are back – I’m looking forward to seeing Jingle again!

The ability to take pictures and save to an SD card is pretty keen too.

I did get WiiSpeak, but I haven’t set it up yet. I was in too much of a hurry to get my house and finish Nook’s chores!

Well, that’s enough game babble for now. The cats are done eating, so I’m gonna go see if anyone is online!


Here’s my town info for
Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii).

And here is my town info for Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS).


Animal Crossing: City Folk – Town Info


Good News, Bad News


  1. Phoena

    I loved AC:WW but haven’t played it in forever. I still haven’t played the GC version, but I’m considering getting it since it’s so cheap now!

    I may pick up AC:CF later in the season if they have some good Christmas sales.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. whats that place that is blocked up in the city i want to know

  3. jen

    @Dylan: Go there after 8pm; sometimes there will be light shining out of the tunnel and the cone will be moved aside. Go in and you’ll find Resetti – talk to him and he’ll give you something good!

  4. On a completely unrelated note, my friend thought your answers were hysterical, especially the school house rock references!

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