The bad:
We had to go out on Black Friday after all – vet appointment for Pandora. She’s eating, but not well, and her hair is seriously thinning – we found a bald patch. Worse, it looks like her diabetes is back as well as a UTI. The meds that have been helping prevent recurring pancreatitis exacerbate diabetes, and are probably responsible for her hair loss. On the other hand, they help her want to eat. Usually. The UTI is just a fabulous bonus.

Also, one of the nose pad things on my glasses broke off. I’ll go to the vets on Black Friday, but no way in hell I’ll go to the mall. Maybe I’ll get it fixed after school on Monday.

The good:

Pandora scarfed down the food the vet recommended, asks for scritches, and vocalizes frequently. Hopefully she’ll continue to feel all right.

Our Thanksgiving turkey, though a day late, was wonderful. Marry a man that can cook, mama always told me.

But guess what? We forgot to put out the cranberry sauce again this year. :D