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You know, I don’t think I’ll try to force myself to post every day again. Maybe it’s that I feel obligated to post, which makes me rebel. Or maybe I just don’t have a life. :D

I’m ok with that, really. I happen to like my well upholstered rut.

Anyway. One more duty post after this one, and then it’s back to random sporadic posting. Maybe I’ll manage to post once a week!

Almost into the homestretch for this semester at school. One more test in Government, and I’ve got a paper in American Lit due, and that’s it.

Next term I’m taking three classes; two at the campus near me, and one online. I don’t know if “distance learning” will work for me, but I won’t unless I give it a shot.

I’m taking: Art History II1, Topics in US History – Women’s History2, and Microeconomics. Art History is the online one – we’ll see how it goes.

Well, it’s almost midnight, the stupid dog next door is barking his head off, and I need to get to bed. I better post this before my computer turns into a pumpkin or something!

1 Renaissance to present
2 There were other topics I’d have liked, such as WWII, Depression, Cold War, but this is the only one at “my” campus. I’m not yet ready to find/drive to other campuses.

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Day 30 – meme time!


  1. I better post this before my computer turns into a pumpkin or something!

    Are you up to date on your security patches?
    OK, yeah, too early on a Sunday morning for humor….

  2. Long distance learning may work out for you. At UTD, the computer science department is really into using the WebCT stuff for posting notes and etc. Other courses just really slack on that sort of thing. My Linear Algebra course is probably the worst on that.
    Since I am taking another year off from school due to the current personal issues, I am thinking of devising my own learning plan and trying to stick to it. I seem to get more off of USENET news and Google than classes. That might be a bit ambitious of me, but it would help me in the long run. I do not seem to have the time I need to really focus on studying as I should.
    Next Monday, after my final, I am parking my ass in front of the TV and playing Wii and PS2. Massive de-stress mode.

  3. Ya. When I try to post more, I get stressed out for some reason and I end up not posting at all. When I don’t give myself any expectations, I post more. Weird. Heh.
    Good luck with school!

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