GU Comics has a problem in WoW…

Early yesterday Taks received and email from Blizzard (not one of the bogus phishing ones) that her account had been suspended because of gold selling style activity on one of her characters. I rushed to change her character’s rank in Bloody Plunder so that she didn’t have open access to the guild bank. I then started working on her behalf to reclaim the account. Several hours later she was informed that her account, after investigation, had been banned. There went our carefully planned gaming night.

Long story short, I went to my community contact at Blizzard explained the situation and asked for help. They got everything taken care of this morning and we’ve added an authenticator to Taks’ account.

Y’know, hackers suck and all, and I’m glad the GU guy got it taken care of, but this really kinda pisses me off. If MY WoW account (that I don’t have because it would take over my life and I have homework to do) got hacked like this I’m betting the Blizzard response would be “So sad, too bad”.