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Huh. Whaddaya know?

I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but…

ENGL-1301 Composition I A
HIST-1301 U S History I A
SPAN-1511 Spanish I A


Well okay then. Hopefully next term I won’t be running with the edge of panic I had throughout this term. And now I really don’t know what to do about Spanish – I really don’t feel I’ve got a grasp of it at all!

I (heart) angry_biscuit

Yellow ribbons DO NOT Support the troops,
they support 3 inches of bumper space on your car.

If you really want to support the troops, click here and read angry_biscuit's post on how to REALLY support our troops.

Home Again

Back home again after a fantastic weekend! More later. :)

Photo Post – Cookies, etc

Well, consistency eludes me so far. Again. Oh well. :)

It appears that Gallery is still working for me. Hopefully, that will continue. I have no idea why it broke before. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the database, but other than that I haven't the foggiest. Anyhow, I'm working on getting my albums back up properly. Here's a few recent samples:

I made myself a quite serviceable BPAL box! I cut some styrofoam to fit tightly in a former chocolate box:

Today, I had the urge to make cookies. They turned out fabulous! Not to toot my own horn too much, but I make very good chocolate chip cookies. These, however, were probably the best I ever made. Who knew using real butter instead of margarine would make such a difference?

For Christmas, I made my Vinegar Devil's Food cake.

I got just a little carried away with the sprinkles.

Dinner was quite yummy.

Oh gee. It's raining again. It's gonna freeze overnight, I know it. :/

2006 on the way out…

Here's the last of the books I've read in 2006. No reviews at the moment, because I suck.

In other news, Chibi-Robo is a cute, fun game.

I've been really lax about posting these past couple of months! I've posted dozens of times in my head, but somehow it never manages to get through here. Huh. I'll have to work on that.

Anyway, I had to get at least one post in tonight, and this is probably it. Hopefully, I'll actually have something to say sooner than later! ;)


051. Mammoth by John Varley
052. Treason by Orson Scott Card
053. The City of the Beast by Michael Moorcock
054. Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire
055. Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire
056. The Photograph by Penelope Lively
057. 1984 by George Orwell
058. First Meetings in Enders Universe by Orson Scott Card
059. WebMage by Kelly McCullough
060. Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus by Orson Scott Card
061. Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
062. Scarlett by Alexandria Ripley
063. Watership Down by Richard Adams
064. The Wave by Todd Strasser


Elf yourself!

There and back again…

Got back about an hour ago from the LOTR feast at Alamo. Wow, was that fun. :) It was really nice seeing all three films on the big screen again.

The food was mostly very good, though I have learned that I don't really like sushi. Oh well, I tried.

During the break between the Two Towers and Return of the King they handed out Lembas – Elven Waybread. :)

I'm beat, so that's it for now!

Posting from my Palm!

Live from Alamo Drafthouse!

First movie's over with – two more to go. Food is fabulous, gotta love gourmet chefs.

::: bounce :::

Attention Mac Geeks!

My google-fu is weak tonight. Does anyone know how to make iCal use my default mail application – which is not the built in Mail?

Mail knows my default application is GyazMail. Firefox knows it. I think even Safari knows it. But iCal still wants to use Mail to, er, mail things.

Any ideas?

Gonna tease the dog next?!?

My husband hates me.

No, really, he does.

He sends me a link to Discworld Beer – they don't deliver to the US and they're discontinuing the line.

I'm going to sulk for a while.


In other news, I'm incredibly grateful that we don't have a half-frozen turkey in the fridge. We had decided against a traditional Turkeyday in lieu of our Saturday plans. If we did have a turkey, there's no way we'd be able to cook it, let alone enjoy it.

Two more days to fully recover… pokes gurgling tummy… you hear me?!?

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