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Do ALL the things!

Yesterday I should have gone to a history lecture that would have netted me 5 extra credit points for just attending – no paper or ‘nuthin. I didn’t go because I stayed up until 2 am in order to buy an autographed Abney Park cd. Priorities – I has them!

I regret NOTHING! I did better on the second test anyway, so I’ll just write a paper for some EC.

Today though, today I do ALL THE THINGS! See, a list:

  • Get up / shower / dressed (set the bar low!)
  • Scoop litter boxes (note to self: need 1 more)
  • Get stroganoff crockpot going
  • Clean counter so I can get stroganoff going
  • Laundry Day! (That’s the plan / rule the world / you and me)
  • Read chapter for geology


  • Pay bills
  • Read chapter and sources for western civ.


Tomorrow, tomorrow…. I love ya, tomorrow…

You can't do that right now…

It’s really dry around here lately, They™ say there’s a high fire danger.

I saw an electronic sign along the freeway today, the kind that tells of traffic problems, etc. – it said “Arson/Burn Ban in effect”.


Um, isn’t arson always banned? I’m so confused.

I'm not paranoid…

But I think I was just cursed by my dinner tonight.

We stopped at Ocean China on the way home from work tonight. Sesame chicken, yum. Here’s my fortune:

I'm still alive

Wow, we’ve just been really busy lately!

The new job at one week in is actually pretty dang cool. The brain is actually being used, and it’s even kinda fun.

Did I mention it’s not tech support?

Monday night we went to a book signing at BookpeopleNeal Stephenson. He’s such a fascinating person! Next up on my book list, once I get through the current stack, is going to be his Baroque Cycle.

This weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) is Linucon!! We’ve plotted out the panel/seminar thingies we’re going to, and I really can’t wait. It should be a geek heaven!

Guess that’s it for now. It’s raining and incredibly windy right now, so we’re hanging out at work for a bit before we head home. Hopefully we’ll get home fairly soon – got a lot to do before Linucon.

I'm not entirely sure I approve…

… of this thing called “work”.

I’m woefully behind on my LJ reading, dammit!! Funny thing is, I can LJ at work, I just didn’t have the time. As it was my first day, this may not bode well at all… :::snicker:::

It was pretty good though. Could be interesting at least. And it isn’t tech support. That in itself is a Good Thing ™.

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