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I (heart) angry_biscuit

Yellow ribbons DO NOT Support the troops,
they support 3 inches of bumper space on your car.

If you really want to support the troops, click here and read angry_biscuit's post on how to REALLY support our troops.

Um, what?

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Is it my imagination or are they deliberately and specifically booing Muhsin Muhammad of the Chicago Bears?

Edit: Ohhhh… “Moooose!”

Well, I feel better.

You're fucking kidding me.

Read the caption on this picture. Then read the caption on this one.

Now the punchline. Read the caption here.

I have no words.

FUCK the media. Fuck ’em hard. With spikes.

I’ve mostly stopped sputtering. It’s the same thing as how “kidnapped” blond blue-eyed children get buttloads of media attention when the perfectly cute hispanic child does not.

I pdf’d the picture/captions in case they go away.

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