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I think I voted today

I remember when I used to be excited and proud when I went to vote. Now I’m angry and mistrustful of the whole process.

Yet I must.



Hot Damn.

Remember way back in the election frenzy that meme going around about donating to Planned Parenthood in Sarah Palin’s name?

I just got a letter from Planned Parenthood today:

In response to the anonymous email message circulated back in September during the presidential campaign, urging people to donate to Planned Parenthood in honor of Gov. Sarah Palin, Planned Parenthood (nationally) has received about $1 million from 40,000 donors. Locally we received over 275 gifts totaling close to $5000! Thank you so much for supporting Planned Parenthood!

Fuck yeah.

Dear Sarah…

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Dear Sarah
A message to Sarah Palin from the young women of America.

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Planned Parenthood and Stuffs

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So, there’s only 8 more days to submit comments on the regulation that will allow providers to withhold critical health care information. After that it goes into effect. naamah_darling is far more articulate than I – she goes into great detail in several posts here.

Planned Parenthood

This is the rule that will go into effect if we do not act to stop it. Eight days.



Give money to Planned Parenthood.

And if you want some amusement value for your buck, donate it in Sarah Palin’s name. I did. I giggled madly while doing so.

The smallest donation is $5: The cost: priceless.

Make a donation to Planned Parenthood in Sarah Palin’s name. When you make a donation to PP (secure site) in her name, they’ll send her a card stating the donation was made in her honor. (Not that I’m into avian homicide, but this is like killing two birds w/ one stone: it financially supports beleaguered PP and protests the threat to female rights by one of our own.)

Here’s the link to Planned Parenthood’s website:

Open ‘Donate’. Click ‘Honorary or Memorial Donations’. Fill in your info and donation, then scroll down to ‘I would like to give to’: fill in ‘Sarah Palin’ and use the McCain campaign headquarters address:

1235 S. Clark Street
1st Floor
Arlington, VA 22202

Please consider forwarding this to others, and urge them to do the same.

Hat tip: phoena :)

This is why.

Originally published at Jen’s Corner. You can comment here or there.

It is important to remember that Roe v. Wade did not mean that abortions could be performed. They have always been done, dating from ancient Greek days.

What Roe said was that ending a pregnancy could be carried out by medical personnel, in a medically accepted setting, thus conferring on women, finally, the full rights of first-class citizens — and freeing their doctors to treat them as such.

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