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Testing crosspost feature

This should xpost to InsaneJournal.


For some reason the now reading plug in isn’t working. Wonder if I can post.

Here we go again. And again.

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All right. Let’s see if the automagical LJ xposter works for me this go ’round. If not, I can always use the old kludge method.

If this works, then I’ve got to figure out how to (and if I’m going to) get my archive back. Whee.

Did I mention I hate computers?

(Nope, didn’t work. Kludge it is.)

Testing flickr


Originally uploaded by jenbooks.

Testing flickr posting to wordpress. Whee!

Reinstalling WordPress

Upgraded version, “proper” install… let’s see if things clear up.

Also, test posting from Journler to make sure I didn’t screw that up.

/crosses fingers

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