Read Banned Books

I read. Constantly. Anything. Reading is important to me. In fact, one of the criteria I had for my life partner was that he must read. I knew that my then-boyfriend would probably turn out to be The One when I discovered that he read faster than I did. It also turns out that our reading interests overlap heavily – we’re still weeding out duplicate books. As far as genres go, I tend to read heavily in the science fiction and fantasy genre, but I enjoy mysteries, thrillers, science, biographies, memoirs, and even historical romances. If I don’t pay attention, I easily can get into a sci-fi and fantasy rut – so I try to make sure that I switch off to meatier tomes every once in a while. Here’s where you can see what I’ve been reading recently, as well as see the Lists I’ve made these past couple of several years, after I found the LiveJournal community 50bookchallenge. Feel free to email me if you think there’s a book I Have To Read Now!

Happiness is an unlimited supply of good books.

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