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Our wedding anniversary is coming up next week – April 29th is our 12th! Now, Rob and I are pretty much “unromantic” – we do birthdays and Giftmas, but we don’t do Valentine’s day or anniversary gifts. We do things – weekend away, a more “special” date night – but we don’t do gifts. Heck, we rarely exchange cards for that matter.

So the other day I remembered that April 29th was coming up and I was curious to see what the traditional gift for the 12th is supposed to be (Silk, Silk & Linen, Pearls), how they’ve changed over the years, and why they’ve changed. I told Rob what I’d found, and we talked about it for a bit.

Today the UPS man dropped off a package. “Open it,” says Rob. “It’s your anniversary gift!”

It was pearls! The latest Pearls Before Swine collection, of course. I love it. :)


tl;dr – Twelfth wedding anniversary gift is pearls; the husband gets me the latest Pearls Before Swine book.

I’m sorry Miss Squirrel!

So today I bought three small lego sets, you know, like you do, and was happily putting them together tonight. The first one I did was a squirrel treehouse; I finished it and set it aside. The next one was a truck/trailer/bulldozer thing. I finished the first part, which happened to be the bulldozer. I set that aside and started to work on the truck part, when I looked up, and, well, this happened:

Look out, squirrel!

Look out, squirrel!

It’s not MY fault…

Jen: Oh lord.
Jen: that poor dog.
Jen: As an unrelated question, where are your clippers?
Rob: under the sink :-P
Jen: Protip: You should not have told me. :D
Rob: I want to see what you’ll do :D
Jen: I’m so posting this.

No jury in the world….

I’m trying to prepare for my oral interview in Spanish tomorrow, fighting my own rampant avoidance behaviour when the following conversation occurs:

Rob: Want me to put headphones on while you’re studying?
Me: Yes, please, if you don’t mind.
Rob: No problemo.
Me: (absently) No probleMA.
Rob: So what you’re saying is that all problems are female?
Me: No, words that end in “ma”….. shut up.
Rob: (snickers)

Yay for cabs!

My Friday night, in bullet points:

Much fun was had. :D

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Who says cats are graceful?

Who says cats are graceful?

They must have some massive PR budget, because my cats, at least, are decidedly not graceful.

Proof lies in the tale I’m about to relate.


OK, take a look at this picture. This is an old picture; now there is another bookcase along the wall between the light and dark bookcases. It fits snugly – the corners of the book cases meet, creating a square behind them that is blocked off. Nothing is there, can’t get to it. The plastic containers on top of the bookcase aren’t there any more, but the monkey with the banana is.


Lately the cats have been getting up there and knocking the monkey onto the floor. Almost daily we’ll find him sitting on the floor; once, we found him drug halfway down the stairs.

Today, today was their peak performance. I’m minding my own business, poking around on the computer when I hear a cat crying. Now we can usually tell more or less what the cats vocalizations mean. Playful, mad, hungry, needy – whatever, we can usually tell. Also, each cat has its own distinctive sound; Max is loud and tends to be yowly, George has the tiniest meow but can be heard when he wants to be, Fred is quite talkative, Tasha rarely meows, she mostly chirps and mrrrps. Yes, that’s a word. Really.

So there is this pathetic meow that sounded unfamiliar. It was definitely one of ours, but not of a sort I’ve heard them make. I go looking for the source, and end up in the library. George is agitated, and is snuffling the bookshelf. Fred is perched on the cat tree, looking very interested in the proceedings. The monkey is again on the floor. And then I heard the cat cry again.

Out from between the two bookcases where the corners meet, a grey paw waves pathetically. Tasha had managed to get up on the bookcase, shove the monkey off, and then, graceful creature that she is, either decided to see what was down in that corner, or simply fell off. I don’t know how long she was in there – could have been up to four or five hours, but honestly, I don’t think it was that long. The way the cats were acting, I think it had been a recent adventure.

To get her out, we had to empty one bookcase, so we could move it away from the wall. I’m not sure how we’re going to solve this little problem, either.


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I attempted to make the following tweet:

“LiveJournal down until 2pm – probably longer for me due to TimeWarner’s notorious name server issues.”

… only to get this message:

Twitter is currently down for database maintenance.

LiveJournal AND Twitter down at the same time? COINCIDENCE?? I think NOT!

The things I carry

Bag Meme!

Stolen from Ponks

01. Take a picture of your bag.
02. Now dump everything out and neatly adjust them, and take a picture [no matter how embarrassing].
03. Talk about the items inside. Details, plz.
04. Tag 6 people.

Current Bag

My current bag. Bought it a week or so ago at Charming Charlie, and so far it hasn’t annoyed me much at all! This is unusual. Perhaps I’ve found a bag I can live with?

What's in my bag?

Click the image for notes on everything.


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So I’ve been playing with my Wii for a couple of days now – my arm hurts!!



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I <3 xkcd. :)

In other news, I'm way too easily amused:

1:12:19 PM jenc9998: spell ellucidating
1:12:20 PM smarterchild: Here are some spelling suggestions for “ellucidating”:

1 elucidating
2 elucidation
3 elucidative
4 eliciting
5 felicitating

Type more for more suggested spellings for “ellucidating.”
1:12:59 PM jenc9998: hello
1:13:00 PM smarterchild: Hey jenc9998. Welcome back.

What should we chat about?
1:13:03 PM jenc9998: How are you?
1:13:03 PM smarterchild: I’m doing well. How ’bout you, jenc9998?
1:13:08 PM jenc9998: fantastic!
1:13:08 PM smarterchild: Fantastic? That’s good!
1:13:26 PM jenc9998: is it silly that I talk to bots?
1:13:26 PM smarterchild: Yes indeed.
1:13:38 PM jenc9998: Don’t sugar coat it now.
1:13:39 PM smarterchild: You don’t want me to sugar coat it? Oh really?

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