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Xmas blues

Ugh. So sick.

So Rob came down with the crud last week and was feeling pretty bad on Thursday. I guess today is my Thursday, because ugh. I hope so anyway, because I don’t want to feel worse. :-(   Judging by Rob, I’ve got another 4 days before I feel human. Hope the cough doesn’t get worse.

In other news, the Slanket I got for Giftmas is wonderful for “too sick to be up but not sick enough to be comatose.” Yay for warm and cuddly!

Which reminds me: FUCK the War on (some) Drugs! Useless assholes, I had to go to 4 pharmacies before I found one that carried the real Nyquil. On christmas eve! In the rain!

No wonder I’m sick.

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Things I love, morning edition

  • Flannel sheets
  • Heated mattress pads
  • Melatonin
  • Snuggly cats
  • Snuggly husband1

Melatonin dreams are pretty rad, too.

Sleeeeep. Wondrous sleep.

1Added due to severe pouting. Silly husband, he should know he’s always on the list! <grin>

Reboot day, please

OK first off, it’s raining. This means people in Austin drive worse than usual.

Next, it’s Friday, so Simon (the ACC “cafe”) is closed, so I can’t buy a banana or a bagel.

Fine, I try to buy a bottled Dr. Pepper from the machine – it sounds like it vends, but nothing in the box, and I can’t reach it to wiggle it out.

FINE, I’ll get a can instead. This works, but it means I can’t save it for after class if I don’t finish it.

Now I don’t have enough quarters to buy a Twix bar – no problem, I’ve got lots of dimes and nickles.

The bloody machine won’t take nickles – keeps spitting them out.



Oh, and I’m taking my first math test today. Whee.

(actually, I think I’ll do well on it. :D)


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Please to be excusing the following burst of profanity:

Fuck you HOA, and your compulsory display of false patriotism with your fucking Made in China plastic “American” flags. Just, fuck you. Not in MY front yard, you don’t.

It's in what??

Originally published at Jen’s Corner. You can comment here or there.

So I’ve been trying to read food labels more lately; basically trying to avoid food from China, and high fructose corn syrup. My $DEITY, that crap is in everything. I’m also less enamored of artificial sweeteners too.

  • Jif peanut butter? HFCS. I bought organic. Hope I like it.
  • Smuckers jelly? HFCS. I bought HEB brand More Fruit – it’s got a minimum of ingredients.
  • The husband likes Smart Start cereal. High Fucking Fructose Corn Syrup. o_O I bought him Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries instead – fewer calories, less sodium, and I think less fat, though it does have a lower vitamin percentage. No HFCS though. I bought myself some Cheerios instead. Lucky for me, with the exception of Lucky Charms, I prefer plain cereal: Total, Cheerios, Grape Nuts Flakes. No HFCS in those, although the Lucky Charms does have corn syrup. I probably should avoid that as well.
  • Campbell’s Tomato Soup? HFCS. I’m really disgruntled about that. I love that stuff. Got nine cans of it in the pantry at the moment.
  • All of the brand name “maple” syrups? HFCS and corn syrup.
  • My bread has HFCS – Sara Lee Whole Grain White (yeah, yeah, I know).

I’m appalled, and shocked, though I shouldn’t be. It’s really kind of weird sliding more and more towards organic foods. Last month I decided to give organic milk a shot. Now, I don’t really like milk – I never have. I use it in cooking a lot, and for cereal, but drinking it is a rarity. Before the husband, I’d buy it in quarts and it’d still go bad before I used it. Rob likes to drink milk at meals, so now I’m buying gallons. Anyhow, I bought some 2% organic milk, and tried a glass. It was actually almost good! I mean, it was still milk, but it tasted 100% better than the milk I’ve always had before.

Well, I gotta think about getting to my hair appointment now, so I guess that’s all the griping about HFCS I’ve got for today. I’m going to try to slowly cut that crap out, and buy food with ingredients I can understand.

Bread. What in the bleeding hells is it doing in bread??

I (heart) angry_biscuit

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