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Xmas blues

Ugh. So sick.

So Rob came down with the crud last week and was feeling pretty bad on Thursday. I guess today is my Thursday, because ugh. I hope so anyway, because I don’t want to feel worse. :-(   Judging by Rob, I’ve got another 4 days before I feel human. Hope the cough doesn’t get worse.

In other news, the Slanket I got for Giftmas is wonderful for “too sick to be up but not sick enough to be comatose.” Yay for warm and cuddly!

Which reminds me: FUCK the War on (some) Drugs! Useless assholes, I had to go to 4 pharmacies before I found one that carried the real Nyquil. On christmas eve! In the rain!

No wonder I’m sick.

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Don't try this at home

I finished The Gathering Storm this weekend. It was absolutely fantastic. I was drawn completely in, down to gasping and whimpering as events unfolded. It was a major rush, and I can’t wait for the last two (for reals, yo) books to come out. Pure bliss.

Major kudos to Brandon Sanderson – he pulled it off beautifully.

In other news, I tried to electrocute myself last Wednesday. Took out half a wall and 3 computers in the lab at school – talk about embarrassing.

So, I was going to work on my project write up, using Pages, which means using my powerbook. The battery on the aging laptop doesn’t seem to hold a charge for more than an hour and a half, if that long, which means I needed to plug it in. There was an empty outlet, no problem. However, the desks and computers were wired such that the locking cable (twisted metal) to one of the computers was lying across the outlet. I pushed it aside, definitely out of the way, but there must have been more pressure on it than I figured and it popped back in the way as I was about to plug the cable in.


Holeeecrap but that was some spark! There were a couple sparks that I just watched fall all the way to the floor before they went out.


Luckily, once the campus electrician dude found and threw the breaker, all was well. Outlet still worked, as did the computers. My power supply, however, is probably toast. I’m sure the cable is, at least, I’m not going to try it, but I’m not sure about the actual power supply. Maybe the Apple store has a way to test them, I don’t know. Still, at least my powerbook wasn’t plugged in yet, and, thankfully, neither was I. Eeesh.

Electricity is not necessarily your friend. :D

Next time, I’m just gonna suck it up and use notepad.


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Old Cats

Pandora has been not feeling too well lately – not eating, diarrhea, poor grooming. She’s only lost a little weight, but feels thin, and just frail.

She’s had several health issues over the last few years. She was diabetic a few years ago (cats apparently can “get over” diabetes – at any rate, she only needed insulin for a few months) and lately has had bouts with pancreatitis and UTIs. Anyway, to try to find out what’s going on we had her in for an ultrasound today.

There’s a good chance it’s liver cancer – there’s good size nodes in her liver, and some fairly deep where it would be problematic to get them if we went that route.

At this point, we’re just trying to make sure she feels as good as possible – difficult to determine, because she’s always been a cranky, solitary cat. She is eating much better this past couple of weeks, since the vet put her on some anti-nausea meds. She also comes out more often for scritches, or just to lie in a sun spot, which is a definite improvement.

So for now, just watch and see how she does. If she was younger, or had been healthier, we’d probably consider surgery; as it is, the risks of surgery coupled with recovery would lessen what quality of life she has.

Hopefully, she’ll be around for a while longer. Pandora is our last “pre-marriage” cat – sqlrob got her from a shelter when he was in grad school.

This sucks.

Pandora at Vet

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18 years


The first part of August was pretty sucky for us. Mai-lyn had been having a few days where she was not at all happy – not eating, not grooming, not, well, moving really. She got through that and seemed to be feeling a lot better, but the tumors on her belly were getting still bigger, and beginning to ulcerate. She wasn’t going to get better. It was only a matter of time, probably only months, before the cancer in her lungs killed her, and before that she’d have more and more bad days. I just didn’t want her to suffer. So, two weeks ago I let her go. Dammit, I put off posting about this because I knew it’d make me cry. Guess I didn’t wait long enough.

At the end of that week we got her ashes back, in a pretty cat shaped ceramic container. It’s really nice. Now I just need to find a safe place for her.



Naturally, at the same time Pandora seems to have developed IBD and decided to quit eating for a few days. This led to the beginnings of hepatic lipidosis, which almost required a feeding tube. Thankfully, after some subq fluids, and juggling some meds, she started eating again. She’s been eating like a little piglet, in fact, so now we have to make sure her diabetes doesn’t flare up again. Still, that’s much easier to deal with than a feeding tube.


As if that wasn’t enough, Max had to get in on the act with a sinus infection. He’s more forgiving than Mai-Lyn, so it was much easier to give him his meds.


So now, everyone seems pretty much fine (knock wood), although we still have to keep a close eye on Pandora. All I can say is they’d better be, because I start school next week, and I have spent more than enough time at the vets.

Not good

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Yesterday morning my father-in-law fell and broke his leg – the femur. He had surgery last night to put in a bunch of pins and screws and whatnot, and is doing fine today, though he sounds pretty out of it due to the drugs.

He’ll have to stay in the hospital for a few days, then to a rehab place for a few weeks before he can go home.

If you’re so inclined, “get well” thoughts, vibes, prayers, whathaveyou would be appreciated.

Not my girl.

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I’ve been meaning to write about some of the stuff I’ve been doing lately, but I see something shiny, and never get back to it. Then time passes and time passes and time passes and then I can’t even remember whatever it was I was going to say.

And now, instead of the happy fun stuff post I’ve got half finished, I get to post bad news – Mai-Lyn, my 18 year old Siamese has been diagnosed with mammary cancer. Unfortunately, it is showing in her lungs as well, so surgery won’t help.

I’m in a cross between denial and resigned right now. I mean, she’s pretty old for a cat, so it’s not like the prospect of losing her is new. Still.

I’ve got a good vet, and we’ll be giving her a drug that’s supposed to (when it works) slow down the growth, and possibly shrink it some in the process. It’s funny, I just realized that the one question I didn’t ask her is “how long”. My subsequent reading hasn’t reassured me at all.



GAH! Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed.

So this morning, as usual, I have eggos for breakfast. With peanut butter & jelly. Yum. I also throw a frozen meal thingy in my bag for lunch. We leave the house by 9:00 am.

::: time passes :::

We get home tonight around 7:30 pm as usual – and as I walk in the house I hear this strange humming/rattling noise. I follow my ears into the kitchen, and it’s the fridge making the racket! WTF, says I, and notice that the freezer door is partially open.

Oh. Crap.

Yeah, lost most everything in the freezer; there’s ice and frost where it shouldn’t be, and it’s making a Bad Noise. Ugh. I don’t know for sure what we should have done, but we tossed almost everything in the freezer, some of the older crap in the fridge, and put the rest in ice chests so we can turn the fridge off over night.

Plan is to clean the fridge tomorrow night (hey, that’s a bonus, right?) and turn it back on then. Plus side is that we’ve been majorly putting off a grocery run so perishables were at a minimum. It’s just all the marinades and condiments, and stuff like that. If we end up having to toss it, oh well.

Of course, the big freezer with the bulk of our meat is ok.

Sigh. Sometimes I wonder about me.

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