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Meme – iTunes Poetry

Hey! Another meme!

Put your music player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first song is the title.

Boat’s Up The River And It Won’t Come Down

There is trouble in the world today
On rides the captain and three hundred soldier lads
I hear what you’re telling me but that don’t make it so.
Well first you gotta want to get off

At first I didnt understand when she walked through the door
You’re like a cool breeze to a hot spell
He’s so fine
Can’t you see I love you

Hey porter, hey porter would you tell me the time
Let me tell ya little ’bout this lady I know
When I’m alone and I’m staring at my wedding band
Whoa my oh my oh my I’m falling in love again

You came home and that’s all right
Oh Susie Q baby I love you Susie Q
What kind of love have you got
It was my first night in paris
Girl, don’t tell me that it’s morning

I guess I should have known by the way you parked your car sideways
The full moon is glowing out so bright it’s right out on the highway
Reveal to me the mystery



I attempted to make the following tweet:

“LiveJournal down until 2pm – probably longer for me due to TimeWarner’s notorious name server issues.”

… only to get this message:

Twitter is currently down for database maintenance.

LiveJournal AND Twitter down at the same time? COINCIDENCE?? I think NOT!

Slipping again

Interestingly mentioned in a comment, and not actually, you know, announced – no more basic accounts.

Brad (you remember Brad, right?) has some thoughts.

Um… what?? (LiveJournal/SixApart/Russia SUP)

LJ 2008 community

Six Apart is selling its LiveJournal blogging platform to Russian media company SUP

Blogging pioneer Six Apart is breaking apart from LiveJournal, another trailblazer that helped bring online journals to the masses.

The nearly three-year marriage is dissolving with Six Apart’s sale of LiveJournal to Russia-based SUP a deal expected to be announced Monday. The financial terms aren’t being disclosed.

Huh. Interesting.


OK, I’m out. From now on my sporadic blatherings will be on my WordPress ‘blog, and will be crossposted to my InsaneJournal. For those who would prefer to read on their LJ friends list rather than on a separate page, I’ve made LJ feeds for both my ‘blog, and my InsaneJournal. [Edit: Don’t bother with the IJ feed; it doesn’t work right. I’m fairly sure it’s on IJ’s end.] Just click the appropriate link to add it to your friends list. Theoretically, they should be identical. Theoretically. I’m not sure how often (or how well) LJ updates syndicated feeds. You can always get the direct feed from the site.

I’ll still be reading y’all, of course! :)

Strikethrough fiasco and permanent accounts

If you buy during the first 36 hours of the sale, we’ll donate $25 of your purchase price among four organizations: RAINN, Witness, the EFF and Creative Commons. And if you want your donation to go to just one of the organizations you can instruct us to do that too.

So each group gets 1/4 of $25 for each permanent account? Nice gesture, anyway.

Many people have expressed their outrage and dissatisfaction with Six Apart policies far better than I.

So, I’ll just use an image.

News postLJ Biz post

The process of backing up my journal, and transferring to my domain proceeds apace. Still deciding what other actions to take. (Whether to continue crossposting, or switch to InsaneJournal or GreatestJournal, or… dunno.)

Still annoyed

Too little, too late, too clueless.

My choices are:

  • Stay at LJ through laziness and fear of losing what readership and/or community I have there.
  • Move to GreatestJournal (I’m jenbooks there, of course) – it has more word of mouth right now, but a clunky version of LJ
  • Move to InsaneJournal (I’m jenbooks there, too) – it’s got a newer version of the LJ software, but it’s not known very well.
  • Move to MySpace HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – no.
  • Actually use my very own wordpress blog – see first point of laziness and readership.
  • Some combination of the above

The funny thing is, yesterday was my sixth anniversary on LiveJournal. :)

Thought Police

Because bronxelf_ag001 is far more eloquent than I:

Writing about a thing (especially writing about a fictional account of a thing, using fictional people, in fictional situations) is not a crime. It is NOT THE EQUIVALENT OF ONE, either. Writing about incest Harry Potter fic where all the Weasleys are having mad naked donkey sex with a hoover and a bag of Mrs. Botts Everyflavour Beans *doesn’t make you a pedophile*. It makes you a very silly person, but it doesn’t make you a pedophile. I don’t give a rat’s ass HOW sick you think it is. If you think that one equates to the other you’re letting your own prejudices get in the way of logical thought at best and you’re an idiot at worst. It’s not a cause for deletion of a journal under LJ’s own TOS and goodness knows if you *really* wanted a reason to go after the fanficcers you could have done so AT ANY POINT citing copyright violations.

I got a GreatestJournal a while back – I’m jenbooks there too. Not sure exactly what I’m going to do, but I am getting more and more cheesed off with SixApart.



Also keep in mind that removing the very words from our language does not make the act go away. It just puts us back to a time when it was taboo to discuss these things, and folk will go back to not reporting the crime, but suffering in silence instead. Better that the actual perpetrators be properly hunted out by law enforcement and arrested than the problem merely swept away as if it doesn’t exist.hakeber

Who didn't see this coming?

UK’ers w/ ad infested sponsored LJ accounts may have been infected with pop up malware.

“LiveJournal recently introduced an ad-supported level. Over the last few days an advertiser used an ad to install the ErrorSafe malware that tried to trick people into believing they had a fault on the computer that needs them to purchase a fix. The ad used a server-side setting and targetted only those outside the US, to prevent LiveJournal’s own checks from noticing it. LiveJournal has apologized for the ad and slow response.”

LJ says “oops“.

Flash ads are bad, m’kay? Firefox and Adblock are your friends. Ditch IE.

I do believe in fairies, I do! I do!

I’m having a very nice, quiet weekend with sqlrob. Sleeping in, minor household chores, video games (Simpson’s Hit & Run), and movies. Last night we watched Peter Pan. I liked it a lot – definitely a lot darker than Disney’s version. Jason Issacs was very yummy both as Dad and as the nefarious Hook. Honesty demands that I admit I cried when Tinkerbell was dying. <grin>

Today we watched From Hell, a movie based on Jack the Ripper. That was a good movie. It wasn’t as gory as I’d feared, and the mystery draws you in. Fascinating flick, with a very good cast. I guess you can’t go wrong with Captain Jack Sparrow, Bilbo, and Hagrid, eh?

In other news, today marks my third LJ anniversary. When I started this silly thing, I had no idea I’d actually use it at all, let alone fairly regularly. I’ve never been able to keep a “real” journal – I’d write a day or two, then not again for months and months. In fact, yesterday I typed up four years worth of paper journal entries. It’s not nearly as monumental as it sounds – it was only 18 entries. I did it so that I’d have a record along with this journal – the entries are locked for now. Frankly, they’re pathetic. It’s interesting to see how I’ve changed – and how I haven’t.

All in all, being online and posting my thoughts and (some) feelings to my website, Usenet, and now LiveJournal has been a positive thing. I’ve grown, I’ve changed, and I like to think that I’ve made some good friends. Finding my husband wasn’t half bad either!

What’s next?

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