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I are grownup

I fixed the back door today! The lock was super hard to lock/unlock and the knob would barely even TURN – which means quietly opening the door so that Jake could chase a squirrel was just not happening. Well, neither the dog nor I could stand for that, so I replaced the whole door knob.

I also have laundry in, because I’m an adult, dammit.

(image from Hyperbole and a Half because she knows, man. She KNOWS.)





Annnnd… done.

Except for actual painting, which we will have to do (assuming a color scheme can be agreed on) the bathroom remodel is done! They finished up the new cabinet on Wednesday Jan 2, which was calendar day 7, but it was actually done in only 5 work days. Not bad! And (unlike Fox) the city inspection(s) are already complete.

We ended up going with ReBath; we think they did a great job. If/when we do the other bathrooms we’ll be most likely using them again.

Almost done!

Apart from having to wake up at 6:00am (Six! In the MORNING!) and keeping the cats locked up, it’s gone pretty smoothly so far. If it continues to go well, the bathroom should be fully functional by tomorrow night, and done on Wednesday. Of course, then we’ll have to paint. Ergh.

More progress pics!

Although I’m counting today as “day 5”, it’s really only 4 days because of Sunday. They won’t be out on the first, of course, but the cabinet should be installed on Wednesday. Not bad at all!

Bathroom remodel

Since it was the End Of The World and all, we decided that we should do a bathroom remodel! Well, actually, it was because the shower stall developed a pretty good sized crack and we figured we had to do something about it before any serious water damage ocurred.

Technically, it’s only a half-bathroom remodel, because all we’re going to do is rip out the shower and tub, to replace them with a fancy improved shower and a storage cabinet. Also, the crappy linoleum and carpet (Carpet! In a bathroom!) is going to be ripped out and replaced with tile. We aren’t doing anything to the vanity sinks and cabinets. Maybe later.

Anyhow, we got this all set up and ready to go for 12/26 – when we get a call from the bathroom guys saying that they couldn’t get started because there was still a permit open on our house. An expired permit – from when we replaced the HVAC system… TWO YEARS ago. Apparently, Fox Service Company never actually had the city inspection done on it. In 2010.

Well, that got mostly straightened out – the permit has been “renewed” and Fox is (supposedly) going to get an actual inspection done on the two year old HVAC system Real Soon Now. Whatever, we haven’t been killed by it yet, and at least the remodel can go on: which it has, starting only a day late. I call that pretty much a win.

Yesterday was day 1: Here’s some pics.

First part of their inspection is done, and they’re back again for the next stage. So far, so good!

Busy month

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June is turning out to be a busy month! Well, busy for us, that is. :) Got the garage door opener and water heater installed, two vet appointments so far – old cat and kitten stuff. This week is a long overdue hair appointment on Tuesday; a delivery of more media storage on Wednesday, as well as the Princess Bride Quote-Along; and Saturday is a Drew Curtis (FARK) book signing at BookPeople. If that weren’t enough, I get to go to the circus later this month as well! I’ve got goooood seats – center ring, about 4 rows from the front. Close enough to smell the elephants, not close enough to attract the clowns. I’ve already threatened Rob with bodily injury if he does anything to attract the attention of the clowns.

Home Improvement

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So at almost 7 years in this house, we’ve finally got a garage door opener installed. It’s amazing – you push a button, and the garage door goes up! Push it again, and it goes down! No more getting out in the rain making Rob get out in the rain, no more having to go in through the house to open it because I never could get the bloody key to work properly – at least without struggling for a minimum of five minutes.

Doesn’t take much to make me happy. :)

And in more important home improvement news, we’ve replaced the scary burned looking water heater (see this post) with a new shiny one. We didn’t get a tankless because it was going to take quite a lot of retro-fitting and more money than we wanted to spend, especially since we have never run out of hot water, even if we both take showers. And as far as simultaneous showers and dishwashing, well, that’s just wrong. <grin> I doubt there’d be pressure enough for that to begin with.

Next up, fence and roof estimates. Yay.

You Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd

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But you can rollerskate in my garage now! If I had rollerskates, of course. Here’s an “after” picture:

And, we're done!

Half of that stuff on the left is for the theoretical garage sale we’ll have after we get through at least some of the junk room. Hopefully.

More pictures on how we spent a four-day Memorial day weekend after the cut!

That doesn’t look good.

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I mean, I know we haven’t been able to actually get to the water heater in… well, let’s just say far too long and leave it at that, ok?

But I’m not really liking the look of the bottom of the water heater at all. Gas heating/cooking makes me nervous, though it’s certainly cheaper, and better for cooking too. Still… <shudder>

Need to replace that asap. Hmm. Should we get a tankless? And maybe put a water softener/filter in as well.

That's Ms. Fixit, to you…

So our toilet in the master bedroom has been flushing weirdly. You’d turn the handle and it was like it couldn’t lift up the flapper thing in the bottom of the tank. This morning I got fed up with it, and took a look. The arm that is raised by the handle to lift the flapper thing (in the toilet in the bathroom in the house that Jack built) was in the process of disintegrating. In fact, it snapped right off when I poked at it. The silly thing was plastic, so I can’t say I’m surprised. Then I noticed that the flapper thing (love these technical terms!) in fact was partially torn, which probably didn’t help matters.

Off to Home Depot for the parts – and no plastic arm thingy this time! We shouldn’t have to replace that part again, anyway. ‘Twas blissfully easy to replace and no one got hurt. I didn’t bother with the whole intake valve whatsit though – it seems to be working fine, so I’m not touching it.

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