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Well, that’s interesting

So I’ve been on this “diet” for about a month now. So far so good, I’ve lost about 11 pounds and have been feeling better. I really like the way that My Fitness Pal tracks stuff, and gives you a (reasonable) guideline. It’s the best site I’ve ever tried to use, and I think that I can actually stick with using it.

I’m doing Nutrisystem right now, but I don’t think I’ll be sticking with that. It’s been very helpful, in that everything is the perfect portion, and nutritionally balanced. But oof, it’s expensive. I’ve been on it for this month, and I’ll also do next month but then I’m going to rely on mfp and the rules that I know but never use. :D

Anyway, it’s working and I’m readjusting my idea of portion sizes (again). I feel that I will actually stick with it, which is unusual for me a month in.


So Tuesday was my birthday (YAY!) and we went out to dinner at a place we lovingly refer to as the House ‘O Meat – a brazilian steakhouse where waiters with skewers of meat wander around and fill your plate when you’re not looking. Let’s just say that the first chunk of meat was all that was necessary. :D

Anyway, I knew I was going to overindulge, planned on it even, and that was ok. It was wonderful, I was way too full and had way too much meat. The sides and rolls they have are delicious and the meat is perfection.

The next morning? I felt like I had a hangover, and I didn’t even have any booze. To me, that’s really interesting. I’ve been eating 1400ish calories for most of a month. Tuesday night’s extravagance was way more than that. I tossed 3K on dinner for mfp purposes, but I really have no idea and it might have been more. It’s interesting how cruddy I felt the next day. So, if I eat only the amount my body needs, I feel better? What a revelation!

Who knew?

The cake is not a lie…

::: Walks in, brushes dust off the furniture :::

Hi, my name is Jen, and sometimes I post in this ‘blog thingy.

OK, so it’s been a while. Nothing big has been going on, just day to day living; mostly good, some annoyances, a little bad – you know, life. I can’t even say I’ve been too “busy” to post, ’cause I could have easily done so. ;) It’s just plain laziness.

I’m hoping that I overcome said laziness and make an update soon – but don’t hold your breath. You wouldn’t miss much anyway, just my boring days. :D But I like them.

BUT! I’m posting now because it’s my birthday (gratuitous pointing out of entirely too long amazon wishlist) and my husband is made of awesome. For weeks he’s been cackling about this cake that he wanted to have made for me and today I finally got to see (and EAT yay!) the results:

Birthday cake - guess which one?

(Cake by Sweet Tempered)

Yeah, he’s a geek. And I must be a geek too, ’cause I get it, and I think it’s awesomely awesome.

It’s also chocolate, and yummy. Mmmm… cake.

I’m going to go play some Animal Crossing: City Folk now, because I can.

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Seinfield post

So. It’s Day 5 of NaBloPoMo and already I’m at a loss for something to post. I’m gonna blame it on having class today and not getting home until late afternoon, and on being up way too late last night. :D

You know, lots of times I think “hey, I should post about that” but then I never remember to actually do it. I ought to make notes or something. It’s not like I don’t have nifty gadgets to do it with.


Rob’s birthday was today, so he wanted Thai. He’s also off the rest of the week, so we might go to the zoo tomorrow. If it’s nice, and also if Pandora eats ok. She’s been… iffy on eating. She’ll eat fine one day, and refuse food the next. She looks fragile and slightly scruffy – and we’ve been in to the vet several times. I hope she’s going to be ok – she’s pushing 15, and hasn’t been in the best of health.


So, I’m kind of the non-moderator for a political email list that’s been around since 1994. It’s called NoRules, which means I don’t actually “moderate” it at all, it’s just that I’m the one that finally bitched and nagged enough to get them moved off of “reply to all” onto what finally wound up as Yahoo Groups. It used to be a really good group – interesting, lively, and informative. Now – well, it’s not as bad as a YouTube comment thread, but it’s all the same the same the same – I could pop in there any time and it’s the same stuff from the same people and it’s usually just crap. I only mention it because I made the mistake of reading a couple of emails tonight. Someone forwarded the Michelle Obama/Lobster thing tonight. //shakes head// That’ll teach me to look at it.

Maybe I’ve changed.


I’m sitting here at the computer and Fred is wedged between my back and the back of the chair, with her front legs just draped over the arm of the chair and her head hanging over it. She tends to reach for things on the desk, so I have to keep moving them out of the way. Every once in a while I reach around and scritch her belly, which is really all I can reach, and she purrs.

It’s late, and soon George will come in here and meep at me. They are quite certain about when I should go to bed.


Well, there’s 400+ words about nothing interesting at all!

I win!

Aha! There’s George. ‘Night!

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Thwarted Plans

sqlrob‘s birthday is this week and, of course, Giftmas is coming up fast so on a whim I searched ebay for a book he’s been looking for – an out of print (at the moment) Red Iron Nights. Found it, autographed even, so I bought it.

Guess who saw the page before I could click away?


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Home Again

Back home again after a fantastic weekend! More later. :)

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