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Snow! In Austin! TEXAS!

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Snow gallery – more later probably!

Jake loves the snow. I’d really love to see what he’d do in a foot of snow, but that ain’t happening here. It’s still falling, and sticking pretty good, but if we get a whole inch of actual snow, I’d be surprised.

EDIT: Yeah, it’s more rain than snow right now, and what snow there is is slushifying. Yes, that is a word. I swear it is. Anyway, the icicles are melting off the roof. But, my outdoor temp gauge says 31, and it’s still gonna be in the freezing zone. It’s gonna be really slick out there.

I’m so glad that sqlrob can work from home. Forget the actual snow – there’s some serious ice underneath. No one here can handle rain all that well, let alone snow and ice.


Photo Post – Cookies, etc


More ice pictures…


  1. Awww, Jake looks like he’s having a blast!
    If it keeps with the weather in the 60s here, Wolfie may never SEE snow. O.o

  2. Wow. For once in .. years? it’s warmer for a few days in Ireland than in Austin… :o around 50-60 F here.
    yet can’t wait to be back in Austin.

    • Whoa, you’re in Ireland? Ireland and Scotland vie for top place on my List of Places I Want To Go!
      It’s been very cold here. Today, the grass is pretty well coated in ice and the dog is just so confused when he walks on it. Funniest thing I’ve seen lately!

      • The ice pictures you took look great :)
        yop, stuck in ireland for the third year in the row … can’t wait to get away though. so unless my texan cf other 1/2 finds interesting stuff to do for work really soon then we just get back and fast.

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