Since it was the End Of The World and all, we decided that we should do a bathroom remodel! Well, actually, it was because the shower stall developed a pretty good sized crack and we figured we had to do something about it before any serious water damage ocurred.

Technically, it’s only a half-bathroom remodel, because all we’re going to do is rip out the shower and tub, to replace them with a fancy improved shower and a storage cabinet. Also, the crappy linoleum and carpet (Carpet! In a bathroom!) is going to be ripped out and replaced with tile. We aren’t doing anything to the vanity sinks and cabinets. Maybe later.

Anyhow, we got this all set up and ready to go for 12/26 – when we get a call from the bathroom guys saying that they couldn’t get started because there was still a permit open on our house. An expired permit – from when we replaced the HVAC system… TWO YEARS ago. Apparently, Fox Service Company never actually had the city inspection done on it. In 2010.

Well, that got mostly straightened out – the permit has been “renewed” and Fox is (supposedly) going to get an actual inspection done on the two year old HVAC system Real Soon Now. Whatever, we haven’t been killed by it yet, and at least the remodel can go on: which it has, starting only a day late. I call that pretty much a win.

Yesterday was day 1: Here’s some pics.

First part of their inspection is done, and they’re back again for the next stage. So far, so good!