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Month: May 2014

Things I Said on Twitter – 2014-05-06

Things I Said on Twitter – 2014-05-04

  • There are seriously no small, NON-ANIMATED buttons for referring to @asmallorange? Guess I'll remove my link then. 13:49:40

Things I Said on Twitter – 2014-05-03

Why am I doing this again?

I’ve just spent an inordinate amount of time going through the last year’s worth of facebook posts so that I can backdate post them here.  I’ve come to the conclusion that most of them should have been on twitter to begin with.  o_O

I probably should just make mostly bullet point posts, except for a few “longer” ones.  I also need to see if I can make twitter play nicely with the ‘blog as well.  That may be trickier.

Truthfully, I should probably forget the whole thing!

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