Why am I doing this again?

I’ve just spent an inordinate amount of time going through the last year’s worth of facebook posts so that I can backdate post them here.  I’ve come to the conclusion that most of them should have been on twitter to begin with.  o_O

I probably should just make mostly bullet point posts, except for a few “longer” ones.  I also need to see if I can make twitter play nicely with the ‘blog as well.  That may be trickier.

Truthfully, I should probably forget the whole thing!


Site looks like crap because I’m waiting on a wordpress upgrade. Had to disable all plugins according to GoDaddy.

Anyway, no idea how long it will take. I’m really getting sick of very little control over this site. Guess I need to look into hosting options again. Bleh.


Messing with my ‘blog again. Upgraded to WP 2.5. Changing themes. Trying to make the photos look right. Trying to make it so that I don’t hate it. Need to get new header images. Need to figure out the difference between “categories” and “tags”. Need to finish importing all my LJ crap. Need to figure out if I’m staying with GoDaddy for hosting. Need to write more often. It’d be good for me, and all that “Twittering” stuff is appalling. Need to start using del.icio.us links again. Need to go to bed.


OK, I’m out. From now on my sporadic blatherings will be on my WordPress ‘blog, and will be crossposted to my InsaneJournal. For those who would prefer to read on their LJ friends list rather than on a separate page, I’ve made LJ feeds for both my ‘blog, and my InsaneJournal. [Edit: Don’t bother with the IJ feed; it doesn’t work right. I’m fairly sure it’s on IJ’s end.] Just click the appropriate link to add it to your friends list. Theoretically, they should be identical. Theoretically. I’m not sure how often (or how well) LJ updates syndicated feeds. You can always get the direct feed from the site.

I’ll still be reading y’all, of course! :)

Stats for my future reference