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That's Ms. Fixit, to you…

So our toilet in the master bedroom has been flushing weirdly. You’d turn the handle and it was like it couldn’t lift up the flapper thing in the bottom of the tank. This morning I got fed up with it, and took a look. The arm that is raised by the handle to lift the flapper thing (in the toilet in the bathroom in the house that Jack built) was in the process of disintegrating. In fact, it snapped right off when I poked at it. The silly thing was plastic, so I can’t say I’m surprised. Then I noticed that the flapper thing (love these technical terms!) in fact was partially torn, which probably didn’t help matters.

Off to Home Depot for the parts – and no plastic arm thingy this time! We shouldn’t have to replace that part again, anyway. ‘Twas blissfully easy to replace and no one got hurt. I didn’t bother with the whole intake valve whatsit though – it seems to be working fine, so I’m not touching it.


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  1. We shouldn’t have to replace that part again, anyway.
    Fate has a way of making DIYers eat words like that! :)

    • Well, that’s true enough. But it’s brass, not plastic, so I doubt it will break anytime soon. :)
      I’m more worried about the “it seems to be working” statement actually. ;)

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