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Tuesday I went to the zoo again. We get a membership every year, because we want to support their rescue efforts, but we don’t really go very often. I got some pretty cool pictures this time – it was a nice, breezy morning.




Here’s the rest of the pictures.

School is going pretty well. I seem to be getting A’s on all my English essays, though I’m not sure exactly how. History is going well too. I dropped Spanish II though; I felt like I didn’t retain anything from Spanish I! So, I’ll take another run at it… later. Meanwhile, I really like being back at school.

I’m not, however, doing so well with Project 365 – I’ve missed several days. For instance, I still need to take some pictures today. :/ Darned clouds in Austin – no eclipse for me! But, I like the “picture every day” concept, so I’ll keep plugging away.

That’s it for now. I have to remember how to blog again.