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I am Joe Six-Pack

I am Joe Six-Pack. I am not who they think that they are talking to. Are you?

Most amazing piece of writing I’ve seen in a long time.


Planned Parenthood and Stuffs


Meme time! (But a neat one, I think!)


  1. Is that “bless his heart” he tosses in after discussing Jesse Jackson, a coded way to let other Joe Six Packs know what he really thinks about Jesse Jackson? How does that work with the overly-PC acronym POC? Does that mean that he doesn’t like Jesse Jackson not because he is black but just because he is Jesse Jackson?

    • I think you’re reading more into it than is there. If you take that sentence without that phrase, you have:
      We have a black Presidential candidate, and not a Jesse Jackson running independently, but a black candidate who made it through our very inherently racist and generally crappy two party system to be the probable next President of the United States.
      That’s a pretty straightforward statement. It is an accomplishment to get that far in either party for a non-white candidate. Maybe one day we’ll be able to add non-male, and even non-Christian to that.

  2. That was indeed an incredible piece of writing. I must share this with the rest of my f-list

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