Yesterday I should have gone to a history lecture that would have netted me 5 extra credit points for just attending – no paper or ‘nuthin. I didn’t go because I stayed up until 2 am in order to buy an autographed Abney Park cd. Priorities – I has them!

I regret NOTHING! I did better on the second test anyway, so I’ll just write a paper for some EC.

Today though, today I do ALL THE THINGS! See, a list:

  • Get up / shower / dressed (set the bar low!)
  • Scoop litter boxes (note to self: need 1 more)
  • Get stroganoff crockpot going
  • Clean counter so I can get stroganoff going
  • Laundry Day! (That’s the plan / rule the world / you and me)
  • Read chapter for geology


  • Pay bills
  • Read chapter and sources for western civ.


Tomorrow, tomorrow…. I love ya, tomorrow…