Pandora has been not feeling too well lately – not eating, diarrhea, poor grooming. She’s only lost a little weight, but feels thin, and just frail.

She’s had several health issues over the last few years. She was diabetic a few years ago (cats apparently can “get over” diabetes – at any rate, she only needed insulin for a few months) and lately has had bouts with pancreatitis and UTIs. Anyway, to try to find out what’s going on we had her in for an ultrasound today.

There’s a good chance it’s liver cancer – there’s good size nodes in her liver, and some fairly deep where it would be problematic to get them if we went that route.

At this point, we’re just trying to make sure she feels as good as possible – difficult to determine, because she’s always been a cranky, solitary cat. She is eating much better this past couple of weeks, since the vet put her on some anti-nausea meds. She also comes out more often for scritches, or just to lie in a sun spot, which is a definite improvement.

So for now, just watch and see how she does. If she was younger, or had been healthier, we’d probably consider surgery; as it is, the risks of surgery coupled with recovery would lessen what quality of life she has.

Hopefully, she’ll be around for a while longer. Pandora is our last “pre-marriage” cat – sqlrob got her from a shelter when he was in grad school.

This sucks.

Pandora at Vet

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