11:51 am

Well, I just finished my Government test. I’m fairly pleased, I think I was as ready for it as possible, considering my… tendencies. The multiple guess was a piece of cake, as usual, and the short answer (11 fairly detailed questions, omit one) weren’t too bad. I know I lost a point or two on one – I couldn’t for the life of me remember a current case or topic that’s on the Supreme’s docket – but other than that I think I did all right. I couldn’t skip that particular question, because there was another question I liked less. ‘Sokay, I’m pretty sure I got the grade I needed on it. I’m pretty sure that I’ll get what I need on the final test too – although it’s comprehensive, it’s all multiple choice. Should not be a problem.


Well, I hope “whew” anyway! <knocks wood> We’ll get our grades on the test next class session, which is Monday.

OK, now I get to worry about my American Lit test next Monday. :D


Interesting factoid: I’m currently typing this entry on my Palm, with my Palm keyboard. I absolutely love this little keyboard! I’m really sad that the Palm devices seem to be fading. I’ve got some irreplaceable apps on this thing that I can’t live without!


Speaking of irreplaceable: I need to work on a post of “must-have” apps and things for OSX. Maybe I’ll add palm apps to that as well.


OK, it looks like there are some computers free now, so I’ll add more / finish this later.


2:32 pm
How can you not dance around and sing to Dr. Horrible?? Whups, almost class time!

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