School has been going well for me. I really enjoy it, and I look forward to taking more classes. Well, except maybe for the Speech requirement. So far I’ve got a 4.0, but alas, that will change this term. The best grade I can hope for in my U.S. Government (yeah, go figure) class is a B.

I was incredibly stupid, and didn’t start my paper until it was much too late, so it was nowhere near complete when it had to be handed in.

Yeah. Believe me, I’m kicking myself.

Oh well. Onward, and all that.

Not sure what I’m taking next term. I’m running out of classes that I can take at the campus closest to me, and I’m not sure how the timing will work out for getting to the other campuses. One series of classes I’d like to take is only at a campus in North Austin.

I wonder, if I manage to get my associates and actually transfer to UT, will they make me put a longhorn sticker on my car?

Hm. I need a school icon.

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