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The things I carry

Bag Meme!

Stolen from Ponks

01. Take a picture of your bag.
02. Now dump everything out and neatly adjust them, and take a picture [no matter how embarrassing].
03. Talk about the items inside. Details, plz.
04. Tag 6 people.

Current Bag

My current bag. Bought it a week or so ago at Charming Charlie, and so far it hasn’t annoyed me much at all! This is unusual. Perhaps I’ve found a bag I can live with?

What's in my bag?

Click the image for notes on everything.


Movies, Hotdogs, and Books


Thwarted Plans


  1. I carry my iPod, NintendoDS and games everywhere I go!

    Found you on NaBloPoMo, 1 years!

  2. Cute bag! And yay Storm of Swords!

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