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Since the one year I tried NaNoWriMo I managed to write myself into a corner in less than 100 words, I’ve decided to instead sign up for NaBloPoMo! I did manage posting every day for one month a couple of years ago, so I should be able to do it again.

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Anyway, Halloween was nice. Apparently the neighborhood does manage to observe the “no lights, no candy” custom, so no one knocked on the door. This left us free to watch the movies that y’all chose for us! :D

First up was Plan 9 from Outer Space. It tied for second on the poll along with Pan’s Labryinth and Great Pumpkin. We went with that one because after watching Johnny Depp in Ed Wood I had to see it. Also, Pan’s Labryinth was too long if we wanted to see more than one movie.

Hooboy what a delightfully bad movie! I was loving the “effects” and some of the hilarious dialog:

“Atmospheric conditions in outer space often interfere with transmitting”

“…all you of Earth are idiots.”

Next was the movie in first place – Beetlejuice. Love this movie! It’s a lot of fun. Michael Keaton is awesome, and I love Geena Davis. Earth Girls Are Easy is one of my favorite movies. (OK, Jeff Goldblum has a lot to do with that…)

Today, I slept in some while sqlrob was playing Fallout 3. Later this afternoon, we headed out to lunch and Half Price Books. OMG but Dog Almighty is good. Maybe not good for you, but sooo tasty.


When all was said and done, we hit 3 bookstores (2 used and Borders), GameStop, and stopped for ice cream at Amy’s. Yum!

Now just kickin’ back and enjoying a Saturday night. Tomorrow I’ll need to do laundry and a bunch of reading for class.

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  1. we hit 3 bookstores (2 used and Borders), GameStop, and stopped for ice cream
    Now that’s what I’d call one fine day!

  2. Wow – those dogs and onion rings looked delicious. Lucky you! ;-)

  3. Ha, must have been the weekend of going to book stores :)

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