I woke up (to pee, natch) before the alarm went off, and now I’m actually awake! What’s up with that?FIVE more days!

So that American Lit test I thought I blew? Got a 98. Seriously, what is wrong with me?? I still feel like my answers weren’t worth full points – I’m under the theory that the prof was scoring my test late, he wanted to get to bed, and was all “screw it, good enough.”

Or something.

Wow. Mornings. The sky just a few minutes ago was this gorgeous light purple. Normally, I’m against sunrises – the only way they should be greeted is if you haven’t gone to bed yet – but somehow today I’m awake. Weird. I hope it lasts all day!

I went grocery shopping yesterday. What a madhouse! Well, it wasn’t that bad I guess, just super crowded. Luckily, I didn’t need all that much. Although, both of us managed to forget to put rolls on the list – so I’ve got to decide just how much we need dinner rolls or crescent rolls for FoodMas dinner. Truthfully, probably not, really, but there is Tradition to be considered.

Hm. I could stop at Randall’s after school (~ 4pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving – what could go wrong?) for their pumpkin cinnamon cookies and some rolls… we’ll see.

I hate Randall’s. Prices are too high, to support their stupid card, and every time I go in there’s only one checkout open – I’m guessing to “encourage” use of the self-checkout machines. Screw that – they are poorly implemented, subject to many errors, and you still need someone hovering over you. Prices there are high enough that they can damn well check my stuff out themselves.

But those pumpkin cookies are goooood.

Apropos of absolutely nothing, I think animated favicons are just wrong.

See what happens when I go against the Nature Of Things?? You get a post like this one.

Well, it’s 7:30 now, so I guess since I am awake (usually I’m trying to drag myself out of bed at this time – and failing) I should take advantage of this bizarre behaviour and get moving.